Dental Cleanings: What To Expect

tooth cleaningTaking proper care of your teeth involves many different measures. Yes, you need to brush at least twice a day for several minutes each time. You also need to floss each day, avoid or limit certain foods, and do all the necessary things to properly take care of your teeth and your mouth.

A very important part of proper oral hygiene is regular dental cleanings. Even if you are doing are that you can to keep your mouth healthy, visiting your Everett WA dentist on a regular basis is a key step in having the healthiest mouth possible. As you consider dental cleanings, you may have some questions or concerns. Read on for some information that will tell you what you can expect during this very important procedure.

Properly brushing is very important, but when you visit your dentist for dental cleanings, the procedure is much different then even the best store-bought toothbrush can perform. During the exam that goes along with the cleaning, the dentist will examine your teeth for cavities, gum disease, or any other issues that they may suspect. Not only that, but the cleaning allows the dentist or hygienist to remove all of the plaque and get all of your teeth’s surfaces as clean as possible.

Typically, a dentist will want to see you in his or her office every six months for regular dental cleanings. If you have particular issues with your mouth, they may want to see you more often. Here is a YouTube video demonstrating a typical cleaning:

In conclusion, visiting your dentist for regular dental cleanings is one of the best ways to stay on top of your oral hygiene. You are able to have an exam that can find any issues in the early stages, as well as having your teeth cleaned by a professional who is able to remove all plaque.

Dental Implants Are Your Key To A Perfect Smile At Any Age

post implantIs your smile causing you to lose your self-confidence? Do you have damaged or missing teeth? If so, you need a long-lasting solution that can give you the healthy smile you deserve. Many people in your shoes are choosing dental implants over other options as they offer the most benefits.

The first thing you need to know is that implants provide a lifelong solution to your problem. On occasion, implants may need to be adjusted, but with proper care, you can ensure they last. The problem that many people have with tooth-supported dental bridges is they only last about seven years at the most, but at around ten years old, they need to be replaced. Implants are the best way to circumvent this problem.

Though you can’t get your original teeth back, dental implants are the most natural feeling option. They are carefully crafted to look, feel, and act like genuine teeth. Other options hardly work as well, and they can lead to severe problems like bone deterioration, speech problems, and difficulty eating. And thanks to advancements in materials and technology, affordable implants put replacement teeth in the reach of most families.

You can live your life naturally with implants! How many times have you seen the comical scenario with someone laughing and spitting out dentures? With a permanent solution to replace your damaged or missing teeth, you can smile at will and join in on the fun with friends and family. Holiday family photographs are not going to embarrass you any longer!

When you have an empty spot in your jaw, your jawbone naturally starts to deteriorate. Your jawbone starts to lose firmness and strength if it no longer has to support a full set of teeth. When you get dental implants, your bone is naturally stimulated and preserved, ensuring you’re not faced with severe health problems.

You no longer have to worry about cavities when you have implants. You can eat all of your favorite foods, and get away with it! This doesn’t mean you can skip visiting the dentist as your teeth will still need regular cleaning and check-ups.

A tooth-supported bridge can damage other teeth that were reasonably healthy at the beginning. Your healthy teeth are the ones getting ground down in the process of supporting your missing tooth. Implants are a much healthier option overall as you can see.

Dental implants may be considerably more expensive than dentures or bridges, but they are healthier and feel more natural!

Understanding The Different Teeth Whitening Procedures

tooth bleachingBrushing and flossing are two ways of keeping your teeth bright and healthy. However, you may find that it isn’t enough to maintain the pearly whites you’ve always wanted. Teeth discoloration is natural as you age. Also, your teeth may get stained over time because of the foods you eat and the medications you take. Thankfully, there are plenty of teeth whitening procedures that go beyond whitening toothpaste to help bring back the shine in your smile. Keep reading to learn more about which one is the best option for you.

What Causes Discoloration?

First, it’s important to learn about the most common causes of discoloration. As mentioned earlier, staining of your teeth may be due to the foods you eat. Among the culprits include tea, coffee and red wine. Tobacco use can also make your teeth appear yellowish due to its tar and nicotine content. Certain medications may also be the root cause of discoloration such as antihistamines, antibiotics and medications for high blood pressure. Lastly, the outer layer of your teeth gets thinner as you age, exposing the inner layer which appears darker.

What Are The Different Teeth Whitening Procedures?

In-Office Bleaching

Every dentist will tell you the most recommended teeth whitening procedure is in-office bleaching. Also referred to as chair side bleaching, this method involves the application of bleach to your teeth. A protective gel or shield will also be applied to protect your gums. To enhance the function of the whitening agent, a special light or laser will be used. Just one trip to the dentist’s office and you can flash a better looking smile.

At-Home Bleaching

There are also at-home teeth whitening options available, although they might not be as effective as in-office bleaching. Many peroxide containing products can be purchased on the market, usually coming in the form of a gel placed in a mouth tray that fits your teeth. Whitening toothpastes, strips and paint-on tooth gel are also popular products to whiten your teeth at home.

Consult Your Dentist

As always, it is best to consult your dentist and ask which teeth whitening procedure best fits your needs. Also be sure to ask the proper ways of maintaining the color of your teeth so you can be more confident every time you flash your smile.

Teeth Whitening: What Are Your Options?

teeth whiteningWhat does your smile say? Does it say what you want it to say about you? If not, you may be wondering about teeth whitening. By brightening your smile a shade or two, you can improve your pearly whites and make the statement you desire.

Gels, strips, trays, rinses, and dental whitening products–There are many teeth whitening options available. And beyond consumer whitening products there are professional whitening solutions available from your dentist. Read on to learn more about the available options.

First of all, toothpaste can perform a fair job of whitening your teeth. Since they contain mild abrasives, they are able to remove surface stains. Some whitening toothpastes contain chemical agents or polishing particles that can provide a bit more stain removal. Typically, whitening toothpastes are only able to lighten your teeth by one shade.

Whitening strips are a popular at-home option for many. These thin, invisible strips are coated with a whitening gel that is peroxide based. The directions vary based on the product, but usually you wear them once or twice a day for about 30 minutes each application.

Choosing to visit your dentist for teeth whitening is a quicker and more effective choice. If you are a candidate, your dentist can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in just one visit. The procedure involves the dentist applying a gum protector, then bleach to your teeth, and then placing a light near your mouth to enhance the whitening.

Along with trying these options, you can also avoid certain foods and drinks that are major teeth stainers. Red wine, tea, and coffee all stain the teeth. Tobacco also causes major stains.

In conclusion, when you desire whiter teeth, you have options. You can try whitening your teeth at home which can give you decent results, or you can visit your dentist for major teeth whitening.

Compose Your Smile With Dental Implants

implant dentistry
Improving Your Dental Health With Dental Implants

Any time you want to make sure that you are able to improve and protect your dental health, there are some key steps that can be taken. One such step involves the installation of dental implants. A dental implant is a false tooth that is installed inside of your gums in order to replace a tooth that had to be extracted. This protects your dentistry in a lot of different ways and makes it possible for you to keep your smile shining brightly.

When you want dental implants, it is important that you reach out to some of the best dentists in your area.

To make sure that you are doing business with the best dentist in your area, you should first make sure that they are FDA certified. From here, you will be able to call them up and schedule an informal appointment just to get to know their service. They will then walk you through the dental implant procedure so you can put your mind at ease about it and know exactly what to expect.

From there, you will give your dentist your medical insurance information and they will schedule an appointment for these dental implants. A dental implant appointment will consist of taking an impression of your mouth so that they can make the false tooth. You will then need to return at a later date to have it installed. The dentist will apply some anesthesia to your gums so that you do not experience pain during the procedure.

There will be a healing process involved and you will typically need to stay away from drinks and foods that are hot or cold.

Take this information into account and get in touch with a dentist who can install your dental implant today.

The Harmony Of Dental Veneers

dental veneerLike a singing group who’s voices blend together perfectly, dental veneers can bring harmony to the appearance of your teeth. Under the hands of a skilled oral health virtuoso veneers can transform your smile into a masterpiece.

Dental Veneers can also be listed as an excellent investment for those who want a brighter smile and want to look their best at all times. This is a unique process, which has been used around the world to hide the flaws in one’s teeth and ensure they are covered by gorgeous veneers. These are placed on the surface of the teeth in order to make them look far better. Let’s take a look at the charm of dental veneers and why they are so highly sought after compared to other dental treatments.

Aesthetically Pleasing
It all comes down to this at the end of the day. For those who are in search of the ‘perfect’ smile, which is catered to their needs and wants, it does not get better than an aesthetically pleasing smile. Veneers achieve this by covering chips, cracks, and stains with a thin porcelain or composite veneer that gives your teeth a uniform appearance. Veneers can even correct small gaps between teeth. This is imperative for those who want the best of the best for their smile.

When the veneers are put in place, your teeth are going to be strong and look great. They are going to bring a new vigor to your smile like nothing else ever could, and give you confidence every time you open your mouth.

They are not going to die out right away and that is a worry many people have when they are making such an investment. Yet, there is no need to worry at all because the quality is going to be there right from the get-go. These are as durable as you would like for them to be and that is what matters the most.

Dental veneers are the way of the future for those who want better teeth and don’t want to wait around for long periods of time when it comes to what they are getting done. Go to the best and you will have high-quality veneers in place as well.

Keeping Tempo With Dental Cleanings

tempoKeeping up with regular dental cleanings sets the tempo for your oral health symphony. When it come to oral health, many people mistakenly believe that they do not have to worry about going to the dentist as long as they brush and floss regularly. However, this can be a mistake. It is recommended by top dentists – like – that everyone have professional dental cleanings twice per year.

Virtually every dental office has a dental hygienist on staff. This person will perform a deeper cleaning than a person can get at home. They will remove any hardened deposits that have develop on the teeth. Known as tartar, these areas can become problematic if not taken care of regularly.

While the hygienist performs the cleaning, an inspection of the teeth and gums is also done. Sometimes x-rays are taken as well. The information gathered from this visit is presented to the dentist on staff. At that point, the dentist and dental team will consult with the patient to determine a treatment plan. This may include additional visits for fillings or other treatments as needed.

Also, if a person is having difficulty with dental cleanings at home, the hygienist can provide lessons on proper dental care. They can show the patient the proper way to brush and floss to keep teeth cleaner between visits. Often, they will supply a few samples as well.

Oral health is very important and often overlooked by those attempting to live a healthy life. However, it is vital that people brush their teeth twice each day and floss at least once. Regular use of mouthwash and visits to the dentist help people to maintain a high level of oral health and avoid major complications down the line. If you are interested in taking care of every aspect of your health, you should call a dental office for a visit.

Four Notes On Dental Braces

bracesWe all know that healthy and straight teeth make for a perfect smile, but the road to get there may get bumpy in the process. Usually, children get dental braces at a young age so when they grow up, they don’t have to worry about their smile. If you’re looking to get braces for you or your child, there are a few facts that you should keep in mind about the process.

Four Cool Facts About Dental Braces

  1. Though teenagers are usually the most common age group found to be wearing braces, adults can benefit from them too! You can get braces as long as you have healthy teeth, gums and a strong jawbone. The only time braces will not be recommended is if you suffer from bone loss in your jawbone as the stress can be too much.
  2. There is a lot more to braces than meets the eye, and it isn’t just about getting properly aligned teeth. Your orthodontist will also evaluate your bite and make sure you can close your mouth without overlap. Not getting a proper bite could mean chewing problems or an inability to speak properly.
  3. Though Invisalign is often advertised as being a popular product, most people are not viable candidates for them. In most cases, traditional braces are recommended as they perform a better job.
  4. Braces are painful for the first couple of weeks and sores can form on the inside of your mouth. Fortunately, this only lasts for a short time before you grow accustomed to your braces.

The look and feel of your teeth is just as important as your oral hygiene. If you’re thinking of getting braces for yourself or for your child, it is important to get educated on the process. Speak with your dentist to see if braces might be a good course of treatment. He will examine your teeth, and then help you understand the best course of action to give you the smile of your dreams.

Conducting Dental Discount Plans

Dental discount plans are easy to use and offer benefits that more traditional dental plans do not offer. For example there are no annual caps on benefits and there is absolutely zero paperwork that is involved.

A dental discount plan works a lot like a membership at a warehouse club where you might pay an annual or a monthly fee in order to gain access to lower rates that are significant. Some organizations have put together a linkage of different companies such as Aetna, Cigna and other brand names that are willing to basically wholesale their benefits to members of the plan.

Dentist all over the country are eager to participate because this is a good way to bring in new patients, and discounting their fees to to that is a very good strategic move as the dental field is very competitive.

These discount plans are not insurance and the actual savings that a patient will experience will vary somewhat by provider, but there will always be a menu of benefits for each procedure that is done, so that the consumer can tell in advance what the plan will pay.

If the dentist charges over that price, then the patient will be responsible for any overage. Even so, the amount that the patient would pay is so far below the dentist’s regular fees, that it is very attractive for the patient.

One very beneficial benefit is the fact that dental discount plans have no annual cap, which in some procedures can leave a dental patient stranded. For example if an expensive procedure needs to be done with a traditional plan, and it exceeds the cap, part of the procedure may have to be put off until the following year.

Discount plans are gaining in popularity because of their ease of use and inexpensive cost.

The Beauty Of A Bridge

bridgeIn classical music a bridge (sometimes called a bridge-passage) is used to delineate separate sections of an extended musical piece. The are also use to bridge the gap between two sections of music to eliminate an abrupt transition. The field of dentistry also has treatment called a bridge that serves a similar purpose.

A dental bridge can be used for a variety of different reasons. The clue to what a dental bridge actually does is definitely in the name – it is literally used to bridge the gap which has been created by a missing tooth.
The dental bridge is constructed of two dental crowns often called anchoring teeth, these are placed one on either side of the gap which is to be filled to fit over the existing teeth with a false tooth between it to fill in the gap.

There are numerous benefits which can be filled by a dental bridge including:

  • Restoring a person’s smile
  • Restoring the ability of a person to speak and chew properly
  • Maintaining the shape of the face
  • Replacing missing teeth to re-distribute the bite forces around the mouth
  • Prevent any remaining teeth from shifting and moving out of position within the mouth – teeth can tend to migrate into the gaps.

Having a dental bridge fitted is quite a routine procedure although it does entail at least two visits to the dentist. The first job is to prepare the teeth on either side of the gap. This may involve removing a small portion of the enamel so that there is plenty of room to place a dental crown over the top. Impressions of the teeth must then be made to serve as a working model for the design and creation of the dental bridge and crowns.

A temporary bridge may be fitted by your dentist while this procedure is being undertaken. This will be removed on a second visit in order to check, fit and adjust (if necessary) the new permanent dental bridge. You may however need to make several visits to the dentist before everything fits firmly into place. Once everything is a good fit the dental bridge may be cemented into position by your dentist. For more information about getting a dental bridge in New Jersey, visit